Our world is constantly evolving and changing. It’s important to spread awareness, understand different perspectives, and share your opinion amidst controversy. I get that not everyone will agree with me because everyone has a different points of view, but this is my take on a few of today’s issues.

*aka: my journalism/persuasive writing practice 😉

michelle obama final

Michelle Obama: a first lady of firsts

From optimism to dance moves we narrowed it down to ten reasons why Michelle Obama stands out from other first ladies. An eye-opening overview of what Michelle Obama was and is to the United States of America.



feminism final

why feminism is for everyone

Feminism is often associated with a negative connotation; however, often times people don’t know what it really means to be a feminist. We break down the meaning of feminism, the positive impact of feminism on society, clarification on what feminism really means, why I choose to be a feminist, and a breakdown on gender equality.


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