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Welcome to Two Girls, Two Mountains! We’re Ivy and Emily, two creative almost-sisters who wanted to start a blog (because why not?) to share our thoughts, adventures, ideas, projects, and art. We hope you can get inspiration, perspective, or even a smile out of our blog.

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Hey, I’m Ivy, a high school runner, artist, procrastinator, writer, book nerd, and photographer. In the summer I love walking barefoot. I’m a dog person. I have a a bad habit of never checking my phone. I’m a Gilmore Girl addict. My goals: to actually write something longer than 15 pages, go to Greece, and get onto Amazing Race (school? pshh. We shall not speak of such tortorous things.). I have a beautiful best friend, a wonderful family, and I’d say life is pretty good. 🙂

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and I’m Emily (but you can call me Em 🙂 ) I’m a teenaged reader, blogger (of course,) artist, bullet journal enthusiast, and athlete (ish.) I’m all around a sarcastic, (hopefully) funny person who happens to overuse smiley faces 🙂 I love photography and organization and creativity, and someday I want to travel and build a successful life for myself that I love. Inspirational quotes and calligraphy videos are my favorite, and I try to be a postive person…so have an amazing day 🙂