how to get motivated: part 3 // back to school series

Hey guys! It’s Em, with part 3 of my back to school series (already?!)

Here’s the links the the first two parts:

my favorite school supplies: part one // back to school series

bullet journaling: part 2 // back to school series

part 3

Sometimes it can be really hard to get motivated.

I think that everyone can agree, it’s not fun to do things when you don’t want to. I am actually a very lazy person so I need motivation to do things. Like wake up. Or exercise. Or do my homework.

So that’s what this post is about.
Sure, it’s in my back to school series, but it can also be used to motivate you to do other things. The ones I listed above, or even some bigger things (and I can’t think of any right now…#thestruggle 😂)

*all images and gifs are linked to their original sources by clicking on them.

Anyway…here are 5 easy ways to get motivated:

  1. Read inspirational quotes. Inspirational quotes almost never fail to motivate me. Just looking at them makes me want to accomplish things (that sounds super cheesy when I put it that way.) Here are some of my favorites…Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile.

2. What’s the best that can happen? Okay so this is basically like an internal pep talk with yourself. You think to yourself, what will happen if I do this? what could happen? 

For example…

studying for a test.

me: I don’t want to study.

me: what will happen if I keep studying instead of slacking and watching Netlfix?

me: I will pass the test with a good grade.

me: and then what?

me: I’ll know the information better, and so I’ll do well in the class and maybe not need to study as much for the final.

It actually works-with almost anything 🙂

3. Inspirational stories. I love reading stories about other peoples’ accomplishments. They make me really happy. I’ll read books, or google/look on Pinterest for inspirational stories. These make me feel guilty inspired to do great things too, and to start by doing small things (like studying or homework.) And then maybe one day I can do great things, too 🙂

4. Work with others. There is a reason why people have study groups or workout buddies. It’s a lot easier to get motivated when you’re with either people. I either feel bad if I’m not working as hard as them, or try motivate people and in turn motivate myself (it really does work.)

And working with people is more fun than sitting alone and bored like I usually get when I’m studying or whatever by myself.

5. Plan. I feel like some people are just naturally planners. (And by that I mean people who plan.) I am one of those people. Logical, organized, and not very spontaneous.

So when I plan things out, I am A LOT more motivated to do them, like when I plan out my entire day so that I know what to do when. It’s calming.

I want to give an example but I’m not really sure because I’d want it to be accurate and I have no idea what my schedule will be like. Basically I write down from after school approximately. For example, spending 4:30-5:00 on math homework (oh wait, that kind of was an example haha) I’ll get annoyed at myself if I don’t do what’s on the schedule when it says, so I’ll do my homework/study when it says so.




How do you get/ stay motivated? Are you excited for school to start? What back to school topics do you want to read about?

Let me know in the comments 🙂


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16 thoughts on “how to get motivated: part 3 // back to school series

  1. okay this is so funny because just yesterday I was needing to be motivated to do my summer book report because school is soon, and I planned out my whole day today and it totally worked! I honestly am kinda obsessed with planning (is that weird?) so I always plan things out to motivate me! But inspirational quotes and pep talks work too! Great post! I love this series! Can’t wait for upcoming posts in this one…maybe involving teachers 😉 anyway, i am going to write my report now!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Oh my, I really really need to stay motivated.

    Personally, my planner is literally my lifeline. I love my planner. I write everything down in it. I’ve tried moving everything to my phone and writing down to-do lists digitally, but it’s just not the same!! And it’s so satisfying checking off a big project you’ve completed, or an exam you’ve successfully studied for. (Though TBH, that doesn’t happen often HAHA :P)


  3. Motivation is always the hardest part! My essential thing during the school year is a big album with a ton of different quotes, beautiful “studying” pictures… Cute stationary may help too, because it makes you want to work with it.
    The post is incredible, thanks for sharing! I saved some new quotes 🙂 💜😄

    All the best,
    Kiki xxx |

    Liked by 1 person

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