photography dump (aka some random pictures I took when I went camping and also some other ones I really liked)

hey hey hey! (this is my favorite greeting, can you tell 😂 ?) It’s Em with another of my amazing and very witty posts. 🙂


So a few weeks ago (actually more like a week? I’m not really sure, time is weird in the summer) I went camping! And it was really pretty! So I took lots of pictures!

And I went hiking and took pictures! And I went other places and took pictures!

So the gist is…I have a lot of pictures.

And I wanted to post them! Here we go… (there are a lot…ish 😉 )

I really really love this one! I was trying to do the “picture in a picture” thing and it didn’t work very well…BUT it still ended up really cool looking.












I love this one too! I put my phone up to the waves during a sunset (because it was the beach :)) ) and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out…but I really like it.









sunset 2
hey look! It’s another sunset picture! Last one, I promise. I really love how this turned out. It was a little after sunset, so the sky was pink but it wasn’t quite dark yet, which made for really cool lighting.









I love the lighting in this one too! It’s super blue and has a lot of reflection-ness (I know that isn’t a word but I don’t really know how to phrase it…)










hiking (4)
I really liked how this turned out! I tried to make the flowers in the front and the path in the back…it didn’t work amazingly but it still looks pretty cool.



I’ve had this picture for a while and I still love it…it just turned out really cool, I think 🙂
hiking (7)
wildflowers! I’m not sure what type they were but there were a lot of them and I took A LOT of pictures of them 🙂























Which picture is your favorite? Do you like photography? What are your photography tips?

And also…do you have any questions for our one year blog-aversary at the end of the month? If so, comment them!!


em signoff






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