bullet journaling: part 2 // back to school series

Hey guys, it’s me, Em, back again with my back to school series. (that sentence felt weird and kind of run-on, but it’s okay.)

I really liked part one of my back to school series (which is here) and you guys seemed to as well, so I’m excited for this post!

part 2

I only started bullet journaling a few weeks ago, but so far I’ve really liked it. It’s been kind of weird because it’s summer and my schedule’s a little strange, but it helps me stay organized and track things fairly easily.

I’ve seen bullet journals all over Pinterest and wordpress, but they all seem to vary. Most of them have a weekly spread, monthly spread, yearly spread, habit trackers, sleep trackers…the list goes on and on.

Since I just started bullet journaling I tried to make it fairly simple and not overwhelm myself with a bunch of different things. For August I have a monthly spread, weekly spread, sleep log, books read log, and a “daily headlines” thing where I write two things that happened each day.

I think that maybe next month I’ll add a habit tracker and maybe some kind of fitness tracker, because I want to keep track of those things. I like what I have now, though, too.

I tried bullet journaling a few months ago and it was super artsy, pretty, and colorful. But…it was A LOT of work and I eventually gave up decided to take a break and try again later.

I think having a bullet journal is going to help me a lot with school and staying organized, like with time management. I may start doing daily logs once school starts, to have specific times to do things. Who knows…

I know that August has already started, but I made it especially pretty with the intention of making a blog post with photos, haha 🙂




Okay, first of all I know that these pictures are kind of low quality-I’m not really sure why that happened because I used my real camera instead of my phone camera…
From top left clockwise:

Header/title page: Honestly I’m not really sure what to call this, but it goes at the beginning of August and all pages after that are from August.

Monthly layout *not pictured* : I had a picture of my monthly layout but somehow deleted it (ughh) but it’s a full page calendar of August with important events in it.

Weekly layout: This is where the “bullets” go that I then cross off. I have a mini-key at the top so I can remember which symbols mean what.

Sleep log: This is just so I can keep track of when I’m sleeping and about how much sleep I get every night-I like it because it looks pretty cool when it’s all filled out.

Books read log: It’s exactly how it sounds-I write down the books I’ve read, then give them a starred rating.

Daily headlines: On this page I write down two things that happened each day, small or big.

Do you keep a bullet journal? How do you stay organized at school and home? Let me know 🙂


em signoff


17 thoughts on “bullet journaling: part 2 // back to school series

  1. I started a bullet journal in January. I love the idea of something artsy and fun, but I decided that for every day stuff, I need to keep it simple so that I don’t find it too time consuming. So far I’m loving it and it has really helped me to get some things back on track.

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