roadtripping it: OREGON, part 1

Hey, it’s Ivy! I’m back again:)) Sorry, I’ve taken a mini-break…you could say I’ve been pretty busy in the past few weeks. I’ve missed blogging and you all, but my time was well spent. I just got back from an absolutely AMAZING fairy tale-ish road trip down the coast.

From northern Oregon to the redwoods down in Cali, my family took our little rental RV along the coast on the dazzlingly scenic Coastal Highway 101. The 101, if you’re not familiar with it, if this utterly beautiful highway spanning from Washington to San Francisco, snaking along the gorgeous coastline but also dipping into darling rural towns, iconic landmarks, and swooping over enormous bridges. If any of you are or have taken the same trip, let me know! My friend and her family, as it turns out, are going to be taking the exact same trip in August…we had no idea until a few weeks ago. It’s SUCH a cool trip, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else in our little blogosphere has taken it.

Now I feel like I’ve really gotten to see some of the best of the west coast…and you will too:) because I’ve taken like 300 pictures and I’m gonna be sharing the *good* ones with yall😂

roadtrip part 1

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Without further ado, here’s some of the best pictures I took on my trip.

first stop: Nehalem Bay

summer roadtrip 2k17 (6).JPG
We decided Nehalem was probably our favorite place to stay throughout the whole trip. It had all of these dreamy sandy beaches^^ and cute coastal towns nearby like Manzanita. We stayed at the Nehalem Bay state park, unarguably the better of the three campgrounds we stayed at😬

next stop: Arcadia beach

summer roadtrip 2k17 (28).JPG
There’s moi!^^ On the way to Seaside, we made a pit stop at Arcadia beach. It was a little pull-off on the side of the 101 and we ended up staying a couple of hours:) it was another cream-of-the-crop Oregon beach- sandy, but with picturesque rugged cliffs surrounding it. Literally the best of both worlds. It was an absolutely lovely stop along the way to Seaside, and my mom and I ended up liking Arcadia Beach better than Seaside itself😂
summer roadtrip 2k17 (20)
Arcadia from the cliffs.

stop three: Seaside

summer roadtrip 2k17 (30)
This is the only picture I took at Seaside (I know, I know, I’m so basic). My dad and brother really liked it, and I kind of liked it too. It was fun and beachy and touristy, definitely for kids. There were a bunch of activities and lots of cheesy photo ops. It felt like a state fair in the form of a coastal town (wow I make no sense😂) It was definitely a tourist trap, busy and full of kids and people spending lots of money on stuff they didn’t need, but it was pretty fun place to spend a day.
Image result for seaside oregon
summer roadtrip 2k17 (40).JPG
On the way back home from Seaside, we stopped at this utterly gorgeous little viewpoint alongside the 101. It looked out on Nehalem Bay- it was really pretty and a nice way to end day two. We met Jordan the 21st-century hippie there😂 it was pretty great. Now I guess I can say I’ve met a real-life hippie??

By the time we got back to camp (well, not really because technically we were traveling in our camp😂 traveling in an RV is pretty cool. ANYWAYS, you get the point👌) I was more than ready to crash in my bunk. I always forget how tiresome being a tourist is😂

So what do you guys think of part one of my Oregon coast adventure? Be sure to let me know…and just know that there’s a lot more coming your way😄


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