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Hey guys, it’s Em. I’m back from my short break! 🙂

Today I wanted to share some of my original poetry. I’ve been wanting to share some writing for a while, but I haven’t really been inspired or really had anything to write about. So… poetry.

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This year for school we made a poetry project/portfolio thing, which had a central theme it was all centered around (oops, I used the word “center” like twice in that sentence but I don’t think that there’s a better way to phrase it.) My theme was perfection, and my title (which I was-and still am-pretty proud of 😀) was “Chasing Perfection.”  I typed it up in a typewriter-like font, and it was all black-and-white and super simple. I was really happy with how it turned out, and when I was trying to think of blog post ideas, my project was one thing I thought of. We reviewed poems and also wrote original ones, and I wanted to share 3 of my favorite poems that I wrote.

The first one is written in the style of a triolet, which means that some of the lines are repeated.


We wear makeup to hide our flaws

We try to have a perfect life

Wishing for approval, applause

We wear makeup to hide our flaws

Hiding from our true selves; it’s rife

But society is the cause

We wear makeup to hide our flaws

We try to have a perfect life.

This one is a free verse. I like it, but it’s also kind of sad at the same time.


what if

everything we were ever taught

was a lie


the things we thought

were so important

didn’t really matter at all


they taught us to be





we thought they were

teaching us success

but they really taught us



they taught us to

crave victory

feel greed




chase perfection


what if

there is no

true perfection


perfection is

a mirage

a smile through fangs

a masked face

never what it seems

a lie

what if

This poem is modeled after “Abandoned Farmhouse” by Ted Kooser. If you haven’t read it, definitely look it up-it’s a really good poem.

The Girl

she was a studious girl, says the pile of textbooks,

sitting wrapped in paper on her perfect desk

one who worked hard, says the list of goals

written carefully in the flawless notebook; and a caring, friendly young woman

say the pictures with others hung painstakingly on the wall.


admired, say the notes from friends, organized

in the top drawer of the white desk, next to the pencil box

and the perfect stack of crisp white paper, untarnished and untouched.

athletic, the neatly folded running shorts and shirts say;

a perfectionist, says the bookshelf, organized perfectly in

alphabetical order by author’s last name.


but an eager girl, too,

the rushed handwriting on the to-do list says;

one who wasn’t always perfect, say the crumpled drawings

sitting askew in the wire wastebasket; someone who

cared about what others thought, says the makeup placed neatly

in the bathroom drawer.


and also,

someone who was all too eager to grow up, say the dolls

pushed away into a box in the back corner of the closet

and the childhood pictures hidden in the bottom of a desk drawer

and the scent of left-behind memories lingering in the air:


If you liked them, please let me know! I don’t write very often, but when I do I enjoy it, and if you guys like these poems I might post more in the future.


Em ❤


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