my *realistic* summer bucket list

It’s summer at last *sigh*. The last few weeks of school were such a drag but now I AM FREE :)) Even though summer has technically started, I (Ivy) haven’t had a lot of time to think about what I want to do. Summer is a whole two-ish months and I can’t waste all of it away being unmotivated, which I am very good at. So I always see summer bucket list ideas when I’m scrolling through Pinterest- sure, some of them are very corny (“make memories with my best friend!”) and some of them are pretty cool but very unrealistic for me (“ride an elephant in Thailand!”) but hey, there’s some that would actually be really fun AND realistic. Some of this stuff is just for fun, some of it is for adventure’s sake, a few being able to say I did (to be totally honest😂) and some are personal goals- things I’ve wanted to do but have never gotten around to doing. Without further ado, here’s a few things that I want to do this summer (ooh I rhymed!😂):

Try bubble tea.

Image result for bubble tea pink
There’s this bubble tea place by the safeway we always go to and every time we pass by, we’re like “oh, I wonder what bubble tea is like. We should try it sometime. But we NEVER DO gaaah

Have a backyard camp out.

Image result for backyard campout tumblr
This is always so fun.

Touch up on my french.

Image result for french tumblr

Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.

Image result for harry potter tumblr

 Leave a note in a library book.

Image result for public library book tumblr
Why have I only just thought of this??

Take a trip down the coast.

Image result for oregon coast
Hahaha I think I was talking about this in our June Wrap-up

Use a fake name at Starbucks.

Image result for starbucks tumblr
“Excuse-moi, I go by mademoiselle.”

Go blueberry picking.

Image result for blueberry picking
*eats half of blueberries picked*

Read lots.

Image result for tumblr teen books
I only read like two or three books last summer. Shame!

Actually publish some of my writing…?

Image result for pencil paper tumblr

fingers crossed 🙂 maybe I’ll share some of my writing in the near future??

Spend all day at a beach.

Image result for tumblr feet beach

Bake rainbow cupcakes.

Image result for rainbow cupcake batter
I have wanted to do this my whole life. ^^LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL😍

Go all day without using ANY technology.

Image result for keyboard tumblr
Ouch! Harder than it seems.

Go backpacking.

Image result for backpacking
I’ve read books like Wild and a Walk in the Woods and I would love to experience backpacking firsthand. But *clarification* NOT for months. Just for a few days. It would be such a cool adventure.

Tie-dye something.

Related image

Start scrapbooking.

Image result for book of memories tumblr
I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. . .maybe this summer I’ll actually do it? 😄

So far, this summer is lovely. It is everything I’ve hoped it would be. And it’s only been like two weeks. The best part is I still have two full months ahead of me.

This is just what I want to do this summer. What about YOU??


Comment below!! Hope you all have AMAZING summers!!! We will keep you posted! (haha, literally, get it? I am really really sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself😂)

Love always,


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22 thoughts on “my *realistic* summer bucket list

  1. Amazing inspiring list!! I really love the idea of leaving s note in a book, and backyard camping, my family does that often during summer but I haven’t been involved much lately. Again, really nice list!

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  2. Wow! This is AMAZING! I tried a sample of bubble tea. It’s more like squash and tastes so sweet. It had a little fruity bubble in it which popped in your mouth. I’d love to leave a note in a library book! Or camp out! Wishing you a fantastic summer, girls!

    Liked by 1 person

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