my favorite summer-y pictures

Hey guys, it’s Em, and today I wanted to share some pictures taken by both Ivy and I that are summer-y (is that a word?). A few weeks ago we went on a day trip, and ended up going on a ferry and to the beach. It was super pretty and photogenic, and it felt like summer.

So…I decided to post some of those pictures (and some other pictures I’ve taken) because it feels like summer right now (haha all of my posts for the past few weeks have been summer related…I guess I’m excited.)


Photos by Ivy…starring me 😉



All of these pictures are taken by Ivy, of me, and I love them SO MUCH. I’m a pretty good model, if I do say so myself 😉

Photos by me… starring flowers, landscapes, and lots of other things 🙂



I took these pictures (and a lot more) last summer with my point-and-shoot camera (no fancy camera for me 😦 ) and they actually turned out pretty good!

cooltext238987045696915 (1)

I’d love to hear your opinions, photography tips, or all-around comments. Are you excited for summer? What are your favorite photography subjects? Am I a good model?  Let me know in the comments 🙂


post end em

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