six-day quote challenge: day one

Hey, it’s Ivy and Em! We got nominated to participate in a six-day quote challenge by @anextraordinarygirlinanordinaryworld. Thank you!! Here’s how it works: each day for six days we post our favorite quotes, one every day.

This challenge seems really inspiring, we love the idea.

xx, Em and Ivy

Ivy’s quote:

I love this quote so much. First, yanno, Markus Zusak. Second, because people are defined by more than their looks and decisions.                                                   source

Emily’s quote:

This quote has a glass-half-full sort of thing going on. It is a reminder that there is a good takeaway from everything.                                                        source

10 thoughts on “six-day quote challenge: day one

  1. IVY!!!!! YOU STOLE MY FAVORITE QUOTE EVER!! (but it’s okay I still love you) Thanks for tagging me guys! Love this idea and challenge! (Hopefully it’ll motivate me to post more often, hehe)
    lots of love,
    ♥♥Awesome Allie

    Liked by 1 person

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