my spring photography & tips

Hey everyone, it’s Ivy! As spring is wrapping up, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures I’ve taken this spring. It’s such a beautiful season. It feels like the world is coming back to life after the gray PNW winters. I also have a few photography tips in store for you 😉

Spring is the most beautiful season, so here’s pictures I’ve taken and techniques I’ve learned and used to take the perfect picture.

  1. Pay attention to angle.This is one of the key elements to taking a good picture. You can cut what you don’t want out of the picture, focus on what you do want, and take the picture from an angle that’s interesting to whoever is looking at your picture.
ivory ella, naia, cats (21).JPG
In this picture I took of Em, I bent down so that the dandelions were in the picture. I also tried to frame her by getting an angle that captured the fencing and tree above her.


2. Use lighting.

Sunny days are perfect for taking pictures, because even though it’s more difficult with shadows you don’t have to worry about on overcast days, you can adjust your angle to capture rays of sunlight or have the sun shining on your subject.

ivory ella, naia, cats (55).JPG
I love how the sun is shining through the leaves of the plant. I even got a lens flare 😉


3. Get in close to your subject.

If you really want to focus in on the details of something, your best bet is to get close up. Another perk to getting close to your subject is that, because of the depth of field, your camera will blur the background. I honestly love this look- the crisp, focused object in the the foreground and the blurred background.

spring close-ups (18).JPG
I was almost laying on the ground when I took this picture 😂 I really love how the flower-lined street in the background adds more color to the picture.

skagit valley day- coan and naia (75).JPG

skagit valley day- coan and naia (48).JPG

4. Landscape is always a good idea.

You can’t go wrong. Landscape is a never-fail way to take the perfect picture. The camera focuses on all of your surroundings in the viewfinder and makes for the perfect, crisp picture that makes you could practically step into.

early spring hike photo (9).JPG

skagit valley day- coan and naia (72).JPG

5. Your picture doesn’t have to be centered.

In fact, pictures that aren’t centered are usually better. In photography, there’s the rule of thirds. If you divide your picture into three parts, your picture should be either on the 1/3 mark or the 2/3 mark, not the 1/2 mark. Off-center subjects make your picture more visually interesting.

skagit valley day- coan and naia (31).JPG


6. Get creative.

Just because you’re trying to take a picture of one thing doesn’t mean you can’t add in another. Play around with different angles to see which works the best.

skagit valley day- coan and naia (97).JPG
If I had taken this picture as a basic landscape shot, it would have been boring. I got lower to the ground and added the flowers so it wasn’t all the same thing, and I’m really happy with how this shot turned out.
skagit valley day- coan and naia (27).JPG
This would have been a boring picture if I had only taken it of the sign. With the trellis and vines on the right, it’s a lot more visually interesting.

7. Pay attention to color.

If you have an earth-toned background, add color to make your subject pop. This not only guides your eye to the subject but also makes it a more interesting picture.

skagit valley day- coan and naia (90).JPG
Em’s boots are a pop of color.

8. You can’t take a bad picture of flowers.

It’s practically impossible. Want to take an easy, pretty picture? Find yourself a flower. You can’t go wrong.

skagit valley day- coan and naia (47).JPG

Hopefully you’ve learned something! These are my strategies for taking the perfect picture. Tell us what you think below 🙂 and of course, have a beautiful spring!



P.S. It’s okay if you use my photos, but please give credit to Two Girls, Two Mountains! 🙂

treeline silhouette


14 thoughts on “my spring photography & tips

  1. I love all your photos! They are so pretty and perfect! What camera do you use? I love to blog about photography too!
    Ellie xx 💖
    P.s. I love the idea of having a blog between 2 people! Gave you a little follow too! 😘🌿

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