the Cramm blogger award

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago we were nominated for the Cramm Award by Sarah @betweenthepages. Be sure to check out her blog and Liv‘s, the creator of this award. I love doing tags so I’m really excited for this. Hopefully you’ll learn more about us as bloggers and people 😉



  • say who created this awesome award (with a link to their blog)
  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog
  • Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
  • Answer your challenge question
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a good challenge question

and fyi we’re going to split this into 2 parts as usual. I will be blue and Em will be purple.

3 things that motivate me to blog

First (this is kind of lame but very true) I am a really, really creative human and sometimes I just need to get it all out somewhere. My blog is perfect because I can share whatever project I’ve finished with you all. It’s really nice to get all the stuff out that I want to share that not-creative people won’t care about. Also, I love that other people are looking at what I write. In a way, this is like my online diary (I mean, minus the really personal stuff. So more like a journal). I’ve had so many diary attempts over the years and I’ve never stuck with any of them for more than two weeks. I feel like I write for people to listen, not so much to recount something that has happened for myself. I like sharing with people. I like knowing that people are listening.

Okay so I’m pretty similar. I’m kind of a perfectionist (seriously, all of my friends will vouch for this yes) but in my blog I can make it perfect (or pretty close to perfect,) which makes me really happy (btw that’s my next thing.) I think there’s some study that shows that getting more internet “friends” or followers makes you more happy and produces dopamine (like when you eat chocolate,) idk though. I do know that it always makes me happy to pull open the blog and see that people have left really sweet compliments or just how nice everyone is (thanks so much for that, by the way :)) Okay, and third, like what Ivy said, I love putting myself out there and knowing that people are out there reading what I write…it makes me feel important, I guess. I like to know that people see what I’m writing and it actually affects people, even a little.

people who motivate me to blog

Em first, of course. We are both creative and really close. We think a lot alike. I love sharing my blog with her.

Lindsey, my friend since first grade. We’ve been friends for what seems like forever. I share so many memories with her. She’s also pretty creative and inspiring 🙂

All of the WordPress blogger girlies that encourage and motivate me ❤ you are all such wonderful humans and you make me smile at the computer haha

(not that many of my friends are creative lol)

Ivy (haha, she choses me, I chose her, that’s just how it works.) We have almost a mental connection…a lot of the time we say that same things at the same time (side note, but I love doing that :))

Gabi! She’s a really creative person and is pretty artsy and a good writer. She’s also just all around inspiring and good at coming up with blog ideas 🙂

All of the super supporting and sweet wordpress bloggers, thanks so much for your support guys 💕

one thing I hope to do to change the world with my blog

I hope my blog gives people a different outlook on life. Maybe changes their point of view on things. Hopefully, our blog will make you smile. Think different. This blog is really meant for all the creative teen girls like me out there who never get bored and are always starting a new project. Some people don’t get it. Creative projects make me so happy though. I always feel so energized, and whether they turn out amazing or fail, doing the things I love make me feel so accomplished. I pretty much define myself by my creativity so I hope people can relate to or be inspired by what I post.

I want to make people feel more creative, and think about the world differently. Maybe to think that it’s not so bad, just to feel better about everything. I just want people to enjoy reading our blog and just feel happy reading it…like I do writing it. And creativity…I love how our diys actually work, and people (Ivy and I) have actually done it. 

If you had to chose between losing an arm or never being able to use technology for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

I would give up technology.  I would much rather have no internet than no arm. I would be missing out on a lot if I only had one arm. Although technology is of course such a big part of my life (ugh I wish it wasn’t but welcome to the 21st century) I just think of so much I would be incapable of if I lost an arm. No more art or biking or swimming or running or independence. I would always need someone to help me do stuff (which I already generally don’t like already…I’m very independent). I couldn’t live with that. Technology would be super inconvenient and SUCH a big loss but when it comes down to it I would rather not sacrifice my arm.

I know this sounds kind of bad, but I would probably sacrifice my arm. It’s just that technology is such an important part of mine and almost everyone else’s lives, too. I use it for school, for fun, and of course, blogging. I really love blogging, so I wouldn’t want to give it up. I know it might be inconvenient to not have an arm, but…

Our challenge question: If got to go on a free trip anywhere in the world, where would you go, and how would you blog about it?

Thanks so much for reading, hopefully you got to find a little piece of our blogging lives.

We’re nominating:

Kate @ teen girl meets world

Blaho @a girl that blah

Emma @ book emma

dancing drops of rain

Teenage outsider @ teenage outsider blog

Sandra @ on her bookshelves

Em @ lost teen adventures

the fit teen girl

Evelyn @ our little diy corner

Brooke @ bubbly brooke 13

Thanks for reading guys!!! Hope you’ve learned something about us as bloggers and people. Nominees, have fun…=) for those of you that are following with Email and haven’t checked our blog lately, I would check…I’ve changed the theme (for like the 40th time) and I think I’m finally happy with it. I would love your opinions! Comments pls ☟ ♥ love you all and see you next time!

from your wordpress faves ♀





11 thoughts on “the Cramm blogger award

  1. Awww! Thanks Em! You guys are both great writers- I loved this post (not just because I got to see my name 🙂 ) Also I’ve been following via email, but I’m on here now and love the new theme!

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