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Hey everyone! It’s been awhile. Today we wanted to share the Sims Book Tag, created by booktuber Hailey in Bookland. This is her original video. We were nominated for the book tag by Kate . Thank you so much Kate! Check out her beautiful blog if you have the chance. It’s goals. She has also nominated us in the past for Our Current Playlist tag.



Rules (if you are tagged):

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and insert the link to their blog.
  • Answer any and all questions.
  • Nominate however many bloggers you want to spread the tag.
  • Link to the creator of this tag: Hailey @ Hailey in Bookland

How we’re going to do it:

Since there are two of us, there will generally be 2 different books/authors under each entry…or we might agree on some things, too.

 Original Sims: Best Author Debut

Image result for harry potter series                    Hmmmm this is a really difficult since there are so many great debuts out there. I’ve got to say Harry Potter, though. Not only is it exciting and full of plot twists, but even though it’s fantasy (and I’m not a big fan of fantasy) I have never met anyone that hasn’t loved Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling’s books bring out the fangirl in everyone.  ~Ivy

Image result for everything everything book

Wow this book is really good. I read it so quickly, and the ending is amazing. It’s definitely one to read. I loved it so much, and then the author came out with another book… and I was so happy. ~Em

the Grim Reaper: saddest character deaths

Image result for the book thief


*gets lump in throat

*eyes start to water


*tears start running down cheeks

*violently throws book onto floor

*wishes deep down for the ability to write like Markus Zusak

~Ivy and Em

Simlish: a book with amazing writing

Image result for i let you go book

This is such a great book. It starts off good, and there’s a huge plot twist in the middle. I couldn’t put down… ~Em

okay, so I have to put the Book Thief here again since the writing is insanely amazing, even though I’ve already used it.  ~Ivy

Extension Packs: A series where the books just keep getting better

Image result for shiver maggie stiefvater series

I could not put these down. Normally I’m not really into series because the story line becomes boring, but there were so many plot twists in the Shiver series, and I became really attached to all the characters. The premise was so unique and the writing was also really good. The situation is a pack of werewolves fighting to stay human and how Grace, the main character, became entangled in their dilemma. If you’re a romance person there’s that, too 😉 anyway, I LOVED this series- last book was like 350 pages and I read it in two days…         ~Ivy

Image result for throne of glass seriesTechnically I’m not quite done with the series, but it keeps getting better. I had like 4 friends trying to get me to read it, and then when I finally did, I understood why everyone loved it. I’m not a fantasy person, but I loved it so much.  Oh, and…not all of the books in the series are out yet, but I can almost guarantee they’ll be amazing.   ~Em

Cheats: A book that was entirely unrealistic

Image result for yesternight book

Let me be completely clear: I did not dislike this book at all. In fact, I loved it, once I got over how weird it was. It starts off with the reader thinking it’s historical fiction, but then it takes a turn for the weird. If you can get over that part, it’s an amazing book. ~Em

Image result for paper towns

Okay, maybe this was really unrealistic, but as far as teen fiction goes, Paper Towns was so good. I read it in two days. Maybe less. It was a thriller/suspense/teen fic combination. It’s pretty popular right now and normally popular books like 13 Reasons Why aren’t actually that great, they just have a lot of cliched teenager stuff in them. However, this was super un-cliched and I thought the characters were all really well developed. The plot was AMAZING and I was super into the book for the whole two days I was in my Paper Towns bubble. I have no regrets reading it. Paper Towns is a page-turner that is a really good easy thriller that I promise you will be super into even if what happens was really unreal. ~Ivy

Need Fulfillment: A book where the character made all the wrong decisions

Image result for walk in the woods book

This is one of those books that is good from the get-go but the fact that it is an actual recount of events makes it even better. Bill Bryson is so witty and funny and maybe sort of rude but in the most hilarious of ways. A Walk in the Woods is a bumbling true story of a series of unfortunate and comical events occurring as Bryson and highly unfit Katz amble through a spontaneous 2,100 hike on the Appalachian Trail, meeting an array of quirky hikers and buffoons. They get themselves into the worst messes. It got a little laggy at the end but other than that, I loved it. ~Ivy

I have to agree with Ivy-it’s a great book, but I just kept cringing at the things people would do…probably more so than most people, because I’ve been hiking and backpacking a lot.  ~Em

The sims vortex: a book/series that completely sucked you in

Image result for free to fall

I have to thank Em for this- I think this is the most intriguing book I’ve ever read. I read it in the car even though reading in the car makes me carsick. I read it on the bus. During commercial breaks. In class. It took a lot of self control to not read it in the hallway. I love books but this was a whole new level of bookishness for me. My poor mom had to listen to me rave about it to her for at least 20 minutes after I finished. Probably more while I was reading too. There were plot twists every other chapter and the premise was constantly changing. There were lies and plot twists and futuristic dilemmas and constantly changing characters and government conspiracy theories. If you are in need of a good book, this is the most insane page-turner I’ve ever read. If you’re not, I don’t care, read it anyway. ~Ivy

Image result for the woman in cabin 10 book

This book is a total page turner-I think I read it in like 2 days. There are a bunch of plot twists but it’s also kind of creepy and sort of freaked me out…throughout the book there are things that make you think something that turns out to not be right at all. Read it, if you haven’t yet-it’s popular, for a good reason.  ~Em

Who we’re nominating:

You guys obviously don’t have to do it, but we’d love for you to 🙂

Hopefully now you have some books to add to your reading list! I love giving and getting book recommendations. Comment your opinion if you’ve read one of the books on our list or have a recommendation for us ☟ remember to pin, like, and share ♥ sorry we haven’t posted for such a long time, we will have a few more tags coming up soon ☺



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