very blog-worthy winter photos

Hey everyone! It’s Ivy with my regular seasonal photography post. Every season, I love collecting photos unique to that time of year. I love sharing them even more. Now that I have a professional-ish Canon (thank you, family!), the photo quality is better then ever. Bad quality can ruin good pictures, so now that I’m not relying on my poor highly insufficient phone camera, I can take good pictures with good quality. One of the most satisfying things in life for me is looking back on good pictures I took. I will look through them and post them and share them until I get sick of them. So, I know winter’s not over yet but I’m really excited to share my winter pictures. Everything is unedited. Keep in mind that the northwest is not particularly snowy so I did the best I could with the few sad snows I had to get snow shots. At least the snow was pretty and I got a 2-hour school delay out of it ;). Ok so cut the suspense, here’s my lovely pictures that you’ve been waiting for.

Hope you enjoyed! These were so fun to take and I’ve been waiting to share for awhile. As always, we’re amateur bloggers so please help support our blog and share/like/COMMENT/pin/repost (with creds only). if you’re an Email subscriber, check out our page online…we’ve probably changed it since you last checked 😉 Thank you to everyone supporting our blog! We love you all! Stay posted (see what I did there :P)

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