reading list for 2017

It’s that time of the year again…That time when you make new resolutions, say things you’ll do…it’s a fresh start. Rather than doing a “here are my resolutions for the new year” post, I’m going to do a general list of different types of books to read. Read some, read all, read in order, don’t read in order…it doesn’t matter to me.


2017 Reading List:

  1. A book set in your state
  2. A book set in another country
  3. A book set in the past
  4. A book set in the future
  5. A book written at least 50 years ago
  6. A book published in the last year
  7. A book that is more than 300 pages
  8. A book you loved when you were a kid
  9. A book you own but have never read
  10. A book that is written by an author in your area
  11. A book by a male author
  12. A book by a female author
  13. A book from a male point of view
  14. A book from a female point of view
  15. A book chosen based only on the cover
  16. A book recommended from a friend
  17. An autobiography
  18. A book that is part of a series
  19. A book you’ve read more than once
  20. A book written in verse
  21. A book that was turned into a movie
  22. A non-fiction book
  23. A book you started but never finished
  24. A book written by someone with your same first or last name
  25. A book recommended by a librarian
  26. A book you’ve wanted to read but never have
  27. A how-to book
  28. A book written by someone famous
  29. A New York Times bestseller
  30. A mystery
  31. A book you don’t think you will like
  32. A book you think you’ll love
  33. A book you saw a stranger reading
  34. A book a family member loves
  35. A book with good reviews

What are your favorite books? What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let us know by commenting below!




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