art inspiration for the uninspired

Do any of you have friends who are amazing artists? I do. *Cough cough, Ivy.* (This is Em🙂) If you are anything like me, when you see the art that these friends say are “not that great” or they “could be better,” you stare and gawk at the aforementioned art, wondering how they could create something so good when you can barely draw a stick figure. I’m with you.

The thing about art (at least with me,) is that most people tend to limit themselves to just one type of art, but in reality, art comes in so many forms! From canvas to clay, this post will be dedicated to the art that I, the ~not the best~ artist, have made, in many different (and unconventional)

Some of the more common art

Okay, I know that I said I would dedicate this post to different types of art, but I think the art coming up next proves that even a mediocre artist (like me) can create great art.

#1: Canvas and paint (boring, I know, but I love this painting so much.)

You are probably thinking you could never make good painting-and that’s what I thought, too. Then I made this painting.

#2: Pencil and paper-if I can do it, so can you!


#3: Clay (both polymer, or bakeable clay, and ‘normal’ clay)

#4: Watercolor ( Ivy’s FAVORITE-this is hers, as are the next two)

Displaying 20161121_151032-1.jpg

#5: Oil pastel (gets all over your fingers but is so vivid, it’s worth it)

Displaying 20161121_151735.jpg

#6: Collages (Who doesn’t love cutting up magazines with a purpose?)

Displaying 20161121_151648.jpg
a super easy color wheel (a good first collage to try)

Less common but still amazing art

#7: Fashion-some people don’t consider this an art, but I believe it totally is! *haters*

This outfit is totally NOT (cough, cough) Pinterest inspired!

#8: Sharpie and a tile (I got the tile for free-this is pretty unconventional, but really cool!)

This was also Pinterest inspired! (Where else?)

#9: Scrapbooking-it’s for anyone!

summers are my favorite to scrapbook because I always have pictures. And, you know, summer has good vibes.

#10: Hand lettering-who doesn’t love cool hand lettering!

*totally not copied from Ivy or Pinterest or Ivy’s Pinterest at all

Image result for lol emoji

#11: Fonts- you can actually turn your handwriting into a font- see this article from Where the Smiles Have Been for a super detailed guide to making your handwriting into a font for FREE.

#12: Journaling (I just started a bullet journal, and it’s so pretty- sadly I didn’t get a picture of it)

Are you feeling inspired? What’s your favorite unconvential art? Email us at with your artwork!  We might post it 😉 Please like, comment, and share, and follow us on Pinterest (if you haven’t already) here. As always, thanks for reading, and have an amazing day!


(With some art by Ivy♥)

<<Ivy & Em<<



6 thoughts on “art inspiration for the uninspired

  1. My best friend is amazing at anything involving canvases and/or paper and everytime she tells me she doesn’t think her work is that good, I roll my eyes at her and she gets what I mean 😛
    btw those ideas are really great! There are definitely different ways to be an artist.

    Liked by 1 person

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