Our favorite autumn photos

“Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen.”

Hi guys, it’s Ivy with my favorite fall photos to share with you! Now that fall is coming to its close (WAY too fast…it feels like summer just ended) I’ve been looking through all of the seasonal photos I’ve taken this fall (plus a few not-so-fall-ish ones just because). Looking back, I’ve had such a beautiful, busy, wonderful fall. I’ve had almost no free time, since my life practically revolves around school (Not exactly my choice to make. I mean, school isn’t that bad, it’s just long. And busy. And long.). However, I’ve still had a beautiful autumn, from Cross Country finals to going to the pumpkin patch, even visiting my Grandma. Although I haven’t had as much time and freedom as I would have liked, this has still been a full and memorable fall. Back to the point: I’ve gathered some of my favorite memories in snapshots and pretty things fall-related to share. Enjoy…

And this is Emily, turning this into a collab post because I had to butt in! I love fall too-the colors, the almost- warm days, the smell of pumpkin pie and spices…you get the point. I know that fall doesn’t officially end until mid-December, but to me, if seems like after Thanksgiving the world has transformed into winter, what with the Christmas decorations and lights. I’ve got some artsy (ish) fall pictures, a lot of which are of my feet! (ha ha) oh Em 🙂 Without further ado, enjoy your last days of autumn!

Here’s our favorite snapshots of this fall:


How has your fall been? Technically, it’s not really over yet. But almost. Has your life been chaotic or beautiful or lazy? We would love to hear about it so comment below 🙂 Mine has been all three. It’s also passed by so fast…it’s crazy. Do you have any fall-related pictures to share? We would love to see! Email us (details on contact page) and maybe your photos will be featured on 2G2M!♥♥ Have a wonderful rest-of-your-season and happy Thanksgiving y’all! ♥


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