5 of my favorite study tips

Hey guys! It’s Em. Today I want to share with you some of my best school and study tips. I love looking through Pinterest for pretty class notes and ways to study. Maybe some of those are  unrealistic-after all, who really has handwriting that looks like it is typed? (I take that back…I know lots of people like that, none of whom are me.)  These are some of my tried and true study and school tips, from ways to take better notes to acing that test! You’re welcome!

Tip #1: Color code your notes.

Color coding really helps, especially if you are a visual learner! One of my teachers does this when she writes on the board and we copy down her notes-it’s so helpful! Here’s one example of using color in notes:teacher-notes

When I am taking my own notes, I usually color code them with highlighters. My system is: yellow for vocab with definitions and pink for examples. I don’t really use any other colors, but it’s easy to add in more colors. Here is an example of what my notes look like:


Tip #2: Use flashcards for vocab and foreign languages.

You are probably thinking, well, duh, everyone knows that flashcards help you study. I know that this is a study technique that many people use, but the reason that so many people use it is because it works. Flashcards help you because 1) you are studying in the act of making the flashcards and because 2) they are really easy to study from.

I study from flashcards by quizzing myself (or getting someone to quiz me) and putting all the ones I get right in one pile, and all the things I get wrong in another pile. After I finish the stack, I go back through the pile that I got wrong, and do the same thing again, until I have gotten them all right; I then do it all again!

Tip #3: Use mnemonic devices.

What exactly is a mnemonic device? It is a way to help you remember something. I usually do this with vocabulary, either for foreign languages or vocabulary I need to memorize. Here are a few examples:

In French, the word partager means “to share.”  I remember this because when I see the word “part” within partager,” I think share. That’s because to share with someone means that you give them part of something.

For English, I needed to memorize the meaning of the word “arduous.” The definition of the word arduous is “hard, difficult, or tiresome.” The word arduous sounds similar to the words “hard for us.” This helps me remember the definition because I think of the word “arduous,” then I think “hard for us,” which helps me remember that the definition is “hard, difficult, or tiresome.”

Tip #4: Make your notes pretty.

If your notes are boring and just look like a grayish mess, it’s hard to study from them or enjoy taking notes.

On the other hand, if your notes are pretty, colorful, and organized, they’ll be easy to study from, and fun to make! I know that this kind of goes along with color coding, but I think that it’s important to mention.

Tip #5: Assign each of your classes a different color, and keep them the same colors.

Every year, when I get all of my school supplies, I chose a color for each class; for the most part each subject is the same color every year. This just helps me stay organized and make sure I always have everything for all of my classes.

Hey, this is Ivy. Sorry to mess up Em’s post. Take her advice! She is an amazing student and studies like crazy (which I unfortunately do not have the patience, time or interest to do- I’m a project person). Em aces most -scratch that- almost all of her tests, so you should definitely try these strategies…I will try to. Also, I 100% agree- Pinterest study tips are super unrealistic, at least for me. These are really great alternatives. I can relate to you non-studiers or sluggish studiers, but these aren’t going to be as time-consuming or difficult as other study strategies, and they have proven to be really effective (Em is your living evidence). So just go for it. You’ll be happy you did.

We hope these tips will help you study! They really helped us- they’re low-effort, effective, and will prepare you really well for acing your next test.


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