50 things that make me happy :)

So school is underway, we’re all stressed, and most people (especially me) don’t take the time to count our blessings. This post is basically that. I’m stopping to take time to count my blessings, and I hope that in my doing so, I will inspire you to, too.

Now, this isn’t a formal Thanksgiving “what I am thankful for” post. It’s simply taking the time to write about 50 things that make me happy, or make me smile. These are not in any kind of order whatsoever. This post was inspired by a post I found here at Thirteen Thoughts. Enjoy!

50 things that make me happy:

  1. Sleeping. Need I say more?
  2. Rainy days. You know, when it’s raining outside and you sit inside all day, reading and drinking tea?
  3. Books. Especially the ones you just can’t put down.books edited.jpeg
  4. Sweatpants. And yoga pants.
  5. Jokes. Especially really corny ones.
  6. The smell of freshly cut grass. There’s something about it that just says “spring.”
  7. Photography.
  8. The beach. Sand, surf, sun, smiles…
  9. Going on hikes in the woods.
  10. Christmas.
  11. That feeling of accomplishment and pride when your hard work on something paid off.
  12. Helping others- the feeling of giving is amazing.
  13. Plaid shirts.plaid-shirts
  14. Ice cream. Especially mint chocolate chip.
  15. Chips and salsa.
  16. Blogging.
  17. Puns. They’re just so…pun. (See what I did there?😉)
  18. My family. Even my “annoying” little brother.
  19. Chocolate.
  20. Swimming. Some people call me a fish- I love being in or near water.
  21. Being with my friends.
  22. Running. (After I’m done, of course.)
  23. Thanksgiving.
  24. Research projects. I don’t know why, exactly, there’s just something about them…
  25. Drawing and doing art.
  26. Learning new things.
  27. Laughing. They say laughter is the best medicine…
  28. Journaling. There’s something about getting your thoughts out on paper that makes everything better.
  29. My converse.converse
  30. The sound of the ocean or a river.
  31. Pinterest.
  32. Having as much time as I want in the library or a bookstore.
  33. Lists.
  34. People who are genuinely really kind-the ones I strive to be myself.
  35. School supplies. I love going school supply shopping so much, and when I go to the store I always stand in the office supply aisle…
  36. Sunsets.sunset-edited
  37. Playing cards. Currently my favorites are Stress, Thirteen, and Garbage.
  38. Lemon water.
  39. Writing.
  40. Bubble baths.
  41. My trusty Kindle. It’s one of the original ones, so it’s not a touch screen. I love it anyways
  42. Fruit.
  43. Mechanical pencils.
  44. Cheese. I’m like a mouse (and Ivy’s little brother) that way…😄win_20160908_17_52_32_pro
  45. Baking. I love making cookies, brownies, cupcakes…you name it!
  46. Cherry Blossom trees.
  47. Spring.
  48. Inspirational quotes.
  49. Hot showers.
  50. Smiles.

And that concludes my list! What makes you happy? Have you made a list of 50 things that make you happy? If not, I challenge you to! Leave a link or comment below.

Your happy friend,


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