Welcome to Two Girls, Two Mountains!

Hi guys! We’re Ivy and Emily, creative teens and friends since 4th grade. We’re dedicating our blog to our creative lifestyles and amazing friendship. Hopefully we’ll post about twice a week, but life is unpredictable, so we might post more or less often… (sorry .) We’re both avid runners, crazy crafters, non-professional photographers, hit-and-miss fashionistas, and try-hard students. Running is like death, so we’re not really sure why we do it…but we run anyways. In our free time we like failing at DIY projects (the ones that are, quote unquote, easy,) taking artsy-fartsy pictures of random stuff (like our feet,) and trying to throw together cute outfits (unfortunately that does not include sweatpants.) We totally get creative teens, because that’s what we are. We’re sassy, crafty, sarcastic, and enthusiastic. We’re planning on posting things like life hacks, organization, photography, creative stuff, and whatever else makes us (and hopefully you too) smile!

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19 thoughts on “Welcome to Two Girls, Two Mountains!

  1. You said you wanted more followers (haha that sounded funny) so I don’t know if commenting makes me a follower or if you want me to do something else, but this is awesome. Also, if I comment can everyone who looks at you blog see my comment? If so: Ivy and Emily are awesome! 🙂


    1. Hi Gabi, so when you first come onto the blog there should be a little thing in the corner of your screen that says “click to subscribe” or something like that, and you put in your email. Let me know if you have any questions!:)


  2. I bet you can guess who I am…🙂 I didn’t see a “Click to Subscribe” button, so I clicked a button in the bottom right corner of my sceen that said “Follow”, so I’m (fairly) certain that I’m following this blog. I recieved a confirmation email, followed a link, and messed around with some settings so now I should get an email daily about updates to this website. I really like this blog and I think that it’s a great idea. How do you decide what to write about in your blogs? (I tried starting a blog from my Office365 account but had no idea what to write about.)

    Also, I was looking at the dates and times of the comments and I think that something is wrong with them (unless you guys are in a different time zone) because they say that you guys were commenting at midnight this morning and in the afternoon today, which hasn’t happened yet. I’m commenting at 9:26 am on August 31, 2016.

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      1. This is a public blog, and, like Emily and Ivy, I don’t want anyone to know who I really am, so I am not going to say if you are right or wrong. (Hint: I live with someone named Ant :))


  3. Hey Ally! Ok so to answer your question, Emily and I wanted to blog about lots of different stuff, so we decided on “lifestyle” blogging because it’s pretty broad and allows us to post pretty much whatever we want. We both love Pinterest and wanted to share on our blog the sort of things we pin. Your blog is so cute too though, by the way. I love it.
    Also, we’re pretty sure you successfully subscribed, so thank you!


  4. Why does it matter if people see your first names? There are a million “Emily’s” and a billion “Ivy’s” in the world, and probably even more “Ally’s” 🙂


      1. I do gymnastics with some one who spells her name the same as you, but I guess that it is less common then other spellings – spellings? Is that even a word? Also, do you know how to change your picture next to your name?


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